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Sending Christmas Wishes - Homemade Ones

What is Christmas Without Cards? 

And who is a cardmaker without making them? Me, actually. This past year I was too poorly to make umpteen cards but I had the advantage of a few stashed away from earlier in the year. I told myself sending charity cards was fine, and indeed it was!

The Cards-I-Made-Earlier

Shirley Davis Crafts
This image was a freebie that I originally downloaded from Digistamp Boutique in 2010. I coloured it digitally before printing on gloss photo paper. Simply mat with a toning colour border, a few golden Card Candis from Craftwork Cards, add a greeting, and you have a sprightly number from the Davis House.

Shirley Davis Crafts
One of my favourite sources of quick cardmaking ideas and printouts is the CDrom called The Big One that I bought from La Pashe a while ago.
The next four cards originate from that CDrom.
Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts
Then, in November, I caught up with real life (following that virtual veil that serious ill-health brings down across your plans and discernment). Having allocated my charity cards (MS Trust) and the ones-I-made-earlier, I was left with five cards to make. What joy - just five cards and time to do so. How often can a crafter admit to that luxury?
Shirley Davis Crafts
As 2013 was meant to be my year of stamping, I decided to use the ones I've received with the Get Stamping magazines. I highly recommend this series if you want inspiration, advice and equipment.

The fifth card was for my husband - I'll try to bring the photo to you soon. Remind me if I don't.

Having a Sabbatical


What on earth could I mean by this title when my last post was was written over two weeks ago - I'm Truly Back (I Hope) - and promised more output.

Well, I've made a couple of cards and turned down three commissions. Sadly, I am no longer wrapped up in DOING because BEING has become my focus. I am disabled, have had a serious post-op illness, nearly did not make it through, and now find I want to make my creative life count in the small things.

Everyday joys such as our DVD Friday Nights - instigated two weeks ago! We have a quick meal and then cosy up on the sofa and watch a film together. Pete (husband) got me through my terrible illness and now I want to be with him more than I want to be in this little office.


The other day, I made an altered poetry/word file for a little girl to thank her for a beautiful poem she wrote for me while I was seriously ill. Thanking her appropriately was much more important to me than taking photos of the item, analysing, listing, writing, blogging, facebooking, tweeting etc.


So, please bear with me while I take my sabbatical. I'll return when I really want to be crafting in the open. Meanwhile, I'll make lots of things for my own pleasure. It is what matters to me now. And I will be writing. But, more importantly, I'll be living the best life MS allows me.

I'm Truly Back (I Hope)

If I could tell you where I've been, you'd be so bored, you'd cry! Other people's ill-health sagas are never easy to read, are they? So I am saying "It is GOOD to be back" and leaving it at that.

Many of my clients, friends and family have missed having their cards showcased here this summer so I am going to upload them now. Sadly, without individual text info as that would tax me a tad too much.

Here goes:


Shirley Davis Crafts
 Shirley Davis Crafts

A Child's First Birthday

Shirley Davis Crafts
 Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Other Birthdays

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis CraftsShirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

There's been a LOT of last-minute card making because I expected to be well enough to make the August cards at the close of July. It didn't happen. We've had to raid the stock boxes (now depleted), and even had  to buy one card. Terrible admission.

One decision was also reached. I am not going to return to pushing myself silly just because it is Christmas. Every year for about 7 of the silly seasons, I've made cards for everyone! How can I expect to enjoy that!

The new plan is to make a few special cards and I've bought all the rest from my choice of charity. I gain nothing from telling you, by the way. Except a vested interest in the cause.

Any clients who usually buy bespoke Christmas cards from me will get a much more personal service.

NB I usually detail the items I use in my cards. As you see, most of these cards have used various components from myriad companies. The list of the ones I favour appears here.

Good to be Home, But ...

I have returned home after another 10 days in hospital. This time I contracted a Blood Stream Infection which, following on from major surgery, is as serious as it gets. I was very ill indeed.

I've spent 7 days in an isolation room - a grand affair but very lonely apart from visits from hubby, son, & 2 best mates.

I have now resolved to:

- catch up with VITAL business
- leave the REST to care for itself

while I

Get Better!

Wish me well - tweet me, google+ me, facebook me, when you can, please. I don't (yet) have a smartphone but I will check my emails regularly.

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Taking a Bit of a Break


Came home Wednesday 3rd July which is very good following the type of major surgery undergone. I am full of admiration and total gratitude for all the professionals who cared, nursed and administered my health.

Mostly, though, I will never forget the diligence, love & care of my surgical team. I cannot name names but each one will always be part of my life.

My sons have loved me from near & far - thanks Dave & Rob xx - & my husband has never faltered - love you, Pete xx

Wider family and firm friends have shown their love, presence and, indeed, some gorgeous presents.

My stint in the hands of the ICU team was unforgettable too - except I've already done just that. There's a vague mist of memory that reminds me I was brilliantly fortunate to come their way.

So, what now? THREE to SIX months full recovery which means less time here. Crafting? Only Thank You cards that I will make when my body is ready, for an ever-growing list of wonderful people.

Thanks Everyone.

Happy Birthday, Our Emma!

I've made a few fantastic mates along the way as I've travelled the Internet roads. Since 1998, there's been writers and crafters I've met, fellow MSers I've shared woes & joys with, and one rather special man (reader, I married him).

Today, the hugely talented That's Life card designer, loyal friend and fellow health-struggler, Emma Williams reaches a further milestone in years.

Happy Birthday, Our Emma!

This is the card I sent her. It is a celebration of Oriental opulence, made with love, some cardstock, papers, embellishments, some ink and a gorgeous Kanban Crafts (now in administration) Japanese lady stamp, bought from FoilPlay (still very much in business with the stamp set still available here, at time of writing).

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

AmaZenly Things are Happening!

Shirley Davis Crafts

When Mel Heaton is on Create & Craft TV, whether she demonstrates scrapbooking or papercrafting skills, she always inspires me. You see, Mel has the knack of:
  • connecting with her audience (from the other side of the TV screen)
  • imparting relevant product knowledge without lecturing
  • giving something of herself without being too pally or showy - just honest & relevant
  • amusing as well as musing with her viewers
  • bringing craft ideas to the screen that have maybe been forgotten or only just got going

Let's Catch Up & Party

What can I say to apologise? So many days have passed by, people have had special dates, ordered cards from me, received cards for their own dates from me too. So it is time to party-on and view the cards:

Shirley Davis Crafts
Danny was 16 last month. A jeans pocket seemed the most apt theme.

I've used a digikit from craftsUprint and created the number topper by word processing it myself. Never forget what you can make on a pc!
Shirley Davis Crafts
Yesterday, my step-grandson was 15. He has recently taught himself to play guitar so what better theme could I choose?

By combining a Kanban Crafts kit and some papers from the Making Cards for Men 2013 special edition craft magazine, I've come up with a personalised card I hope Ben will treasure.
Shirley Davis Crafts
The swing card (from La Pashe) reveals a photo to prove the lad can play. I've heard him online so I know it is true!

Shirley Davis Crafts

At the other end of the scale (pun intentional) a client recently welcomed a new niece into the family. I was asked to make a card for his own parents to give on the occasion of their new Granddaughter's arrival.

The front decoupaged design uses a new baby girl design by Scrappin Doodles - the client wanted a pram image so this was perfect.

Shirley Davis CraftsInside the card, I placed a Nitwits Collections teddy with heart and a sentiment by Card Inserts - a useful resource. I've bought the kits and can now print on photo paper for a luxurious finish.

Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend

Today is Gayla's birthday. She is a lady with style, lover of monochrome. So choosing the theme for her card was easy peasy, lemon squeezy - my hubby made Gayla a lemon drizzle cake for he is Baker-in-Chief in our home. And Gayla loves lemon cake. Perfect birthday choices, if we say so ourselves!

Here's the card & matching handmade envelope:

Shirley Davis Crafts
Most of the products I used are from the Papermania & DCWV ranges. The yummy swirly diamonds were from ... my local ... cheap shop ... coming in at 4x this amount for ... £0.99 - imagine!
Shirley Davis Crafts

However, centre stage at Gayla's home today (and many after) will be this boxed card, from the man in her life (made by moi):

Many crafters will recognise this La Pashe 'Sweethearts' image (link takes you to download page). Printed from the CD-rom collection, these papers are always a joy to work with - thanks to Jak Heath!
And can you spot that gorgeous Prima flower? Because you're worth it, Gayla!

Happy Birthday Grandson #5

My husband's youngest grandson is (am writing late in the day so nearly was) 7 today. I made a bright card for a bright and sunny lad, with a nod to football in the Jolly Nation badge, suitably customised with a peel-off sticker.

Shirley Davis Crafts
The papers came from Creative Cardmaking Magazine (I think!), & the spotted 12x12" paper for the envelope was from my craft stocks.

Daughter-in-Law's Birthday

Shirley Davis Crafts
Jane has her birthday today and we were delighted to send her this birdhouse themed card, made from a Hunkydory Crafts kit.

On a visit here last year, Jane loved our garden, particularly the birds and squirrels on their regular feeding visits.
Happy Birthday Jane!

Easter Cards A-Plenty

Shirley Davis Crafts
My recent Easter editions, made using digi images from Nitwit Collections.

70 Years Young

Shirley Davis CraftsA friend's husband reached the three score years and ten benchmark last weekend. For her to give to him, I made this football-based-with-style card.

Shirley Davis Crafts
From ourselves, I made a dual-themed card - two loves of Maurice's life AND his family. All gathered on a weekend away to celebrate this big event. I know they had a lovely time.

Both cards were made with toppers & cardstocks from Kanban Crafts (currently in administration, sadly - please save this wonderful firm if you can).

Happy Birthdays

For our Grandson whose birthday is TODAY, I used a topper kit by Kanban Crafts that could not have been more apt for an 11-year action lad!

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts
I wrote the verse myself - an easy way to make the right insert.

Shirley Davis Crafts
On Friday I said Happy Birthday to a fellow (wrong word) lady blogger who writes to us at DivineChoice Creations. If you want good tips and gorgeous drawings, off you go after you've finished here, if you don't mind.

Latest Card - an ever-changing post

One of my best friends recently had his birthday. His card-from-wife is first, then you'll see the one I made for him.

Never-Ending Husband

It is the card that is made in a never-ending format! But I'm sure the same applies to my friend's hubby!

I saw this style being made by Rosemary Merry on Create & Craft TV recently. I immediately gave it a try out and my friend saw the prototype. She ordered one straightaway!
All cardstock and embellishments from various sources including Craftwork Cards & Sharon Duncan's CDrom Football Crazy

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Shirley Davis Crafts

Dressed to Thrill, 008

Shirley Davis Crafts
As we were giving Paul the latest Bond movie, I made this tongue-in-cheek card - his house number is 008.

All cardstock and toppers by Kanban Crafts. I've also used Craftwork Cards Candi and some peel off stickers.