Do You Prefer Words?

Do You Prefer Words?
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Shirley Davis Crafts

When Mel Heaton is on Create & Craft TV, whether she demonstrates scrapbooking or papercrafting skills, she always inspires me. You see, Mel has the knack of:
  • connecting with her audience (from the other side of the TV screen)
  • imparting relevant product knowledge without lecturing
  • giving something of herself without being too pally or showy - just honest & relevant
  • amusing as well as musing with her viewers
  • bringing craft ideas to the screen that have maybe been forgotten or only just got going

Yesterday, we were challenged to doodle along the lines (pun fully included) of the Zentangle® method. Using stencils for the outline shape and fine felt tip pens on thick while velvet paper, Mel sat with Debbie Shore and guided us through an hour of tutorial that inspired me hugely.

I first started my Squirldoodles a few years ago and you can see them among my other work here if you choose to.

Yesterday evening, after the show, I sat in my garden and made this tag-shaped Squirldoodle. By tracing around a Craftwork Cards template, I created the outline shape. Then I subdivided the space and filled in all the areas.

I hope you like this - click on it for a larger view.

Join in the discussions at Paper Dreams (and tell Mel I sent you over to see her please!)

Then get doodling and see what plain paper, good quality pens and your imagination can make.