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Do You Prefer Words?
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Taking a Bit of a Break


Came home Wednesday 3rd July which is very good following the type of major surgery undergone. I am full of admiration and total gratitude for all the professionals who cared, nursed and administered my health.

Mostly, though, I will never forget the diligence, love & care of my surgical team. I cannot name names but each one will always be part of my life.

My sons have loved me from near & far - thanks Dave & Rob xx - & my husband has never faltered - love you, Pete xx

Wider family and firm friends have shown their love, presence and, indeed, some gorgeous presents.

My stint in the hands of the ICU team was unforgettable too - except I've already done just that. There's a vague mist of memory that reminds me I was brilliantly fortunate to come their way.

So, what now? THREE to SIX months full recovery which means less time here. Crafting? Only Thank You cards that I will make when my body is ready, for an ever-growing list of wonderful people.

Thanks Everyone.