Do You Prefer Words?

Do You Prefer Words?
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Having a Sabbatical


What on earth could I mean by this title when my last post was was written over two weeks ago - I'm Truly Back (I Hope) - and promised more output.

Well, I've made a couple of cards and turned down three commissions. Sadly, I am no longer wrapped up in DOING because BEING has become my focus. I am disabled, have had a serious post-op illness, nearly did not make it through, and now find I want to make my creative life count in the small things.

Everyday joys such as our DVD Friday Nights - instigated two weeks ago! We have a quick meal and then cosy up on the sofa and watch a film together. Pete (husband) got me through my terrible illness and now I want to be with him more than I want to be in this little office.


The other day, I made an altered poetry/word file for a little girl to thank her for a beautiful poem she wrote for me while I was seriously ill. Thanking her appropriately was much more important to me than taking photos of the item, analysing, listing, writing, blogging, facebooking, tweeting etc.


So, please bear with me while I take my sabbatical. I'll return when I really want to be crafting in the open. Meanwhile, I'll make lots of things for my own pleasure. It is what matters to me now. And I will be writing. But, more importantly, I'll be living the best life MS allows me.