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Do You Prefer Words?
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I'm a Winner at Little Claire's Designs Blog

Me? A Winner!

This is not really a boastful statement; I have won a blog competition run by the good people at Little Claire. The aim was to win their latest issues Book Owl & Hot Air Balloons that were recently introduced here. Aren't they something!

How I Did It

I won at random with a blog comment in response to the question: "which one is your favourite?". I wrote:

'Definitely the book owl! It was the name I first used across the net way back in 1998. I love owls and have a collection of ornamental and decorative ones so this stamp would feel at home. A very snazzy bird!'

What I'll Do Next

Although I am currently snowed under with admin work for my carer team (of 2), and wish to write as often as possible, I do have cards to make for family & friends soon. They will be owls and balloons, of course!

More About the Stamps

Here's the pictures from Little Claire's Designs but please visit their blog soon. It is always full of real inspiration and gorgeous projects that are written up very well indeed. That's why I follow it and that's how I won some yummy stamps.

Book Owl

Hot Air Balloons

Food for Thought ...

On each stamp's product page you'll find links to the galleries - go on, admit it, you'd love to see what you can make too!