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Do You Prefer Words?
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Boys Will Be Boys, Even Grown Men

There is nothing many men would rather do than play with balls - footballs, cricket balls, snooker, billiards, golf, ping-pong - need I go on? And before the more feminist crafters hold their sticky hands in the air, yes, I know women play ball sports too but the cards I am featuring today were made for men.

It Was Only A Suggestion ...

"When you get older ... you might need to ... SWAP BALLS" 
(sentiments created on my PC)

Obvious, isn't it?

This card was given to a man who loves playing football.

The card was accompanied by a bag of gifts that included a bright, shiny cricket ball.

This Paper Nations decoupage sheet from my trusty stash fitted my brief - when I run out of them, I'll be stumped.
(My link takes you to FoilPlay where I bought my sheets).

More Balls

I am not tiring of my theme as players do not tire of their game. Golf first, then the father of all sports (in our house), football, both fitted the clients' needs so I used some toppers and a kit card I had filed under 'Sport'.

But I need to say this: I am falling in love with stamping and will be happiest when I can make a majority of inky cards!

Birthday Cards for Grandsons

At last, more cards to show you. Well. technically that is incorrect - there is a backlog of cards on my PC but the creator has not written about them for ages. Slapped hands.

Two Boys - 2 Grandsons

My husband has five grandsons (greedy) and three of them have birthdays in consecutive months. Busy Grandma Shirl props up the proud Grandad each year. It is getting harder to find new themes so I've returned to 'old' ones this year - a new take on them makes for variety.

The March Birthday

By stamping 'robot' words onto a kraft card and then decoupaging the robot, I produced a masculine card with added fun value.

I used a wooden-backed stamp, long ago hidden away in the darkest corner of my stash. It has breathed life into this card as the recipient loves robots.

Robot stamp from Papermania (no longer available)
Robot/cosmic words by  Paula of Pollycraft digital stamps, stamped with Versafine ink in Majestic Blue.
Various papers and embellishments from my general supplies.
Note: I am not sure that Paula (above) is currently trading.

I also like to make my own inserts and this one came out rather well (I think...) Look further down the page for the little verse - I used a digital font.

The April Birthday

Three of husband's grandsons play ice hockey (the eldest has played roller hockey for Great Britain). So this sport is a familiar theme and I make no apologies for using it for the youngest lad in that family.

The decoupaged topper and hockey word are printouts from , placed at an angle on an easel card.

I stamped the figure 8 using a Papermania clear stamp, onto acetate and filled the outline with Craftwork Cards Card Candi.

So, until May I've completed the grandson challenge for 2014! So far, so good.

I'll soon be back with more cards from the bulging file (does a hard drive get bulges, I wonder). Birthdays, (male & female) Mothering Sunday, more cards for children - they're all in there fighting for their turn to shine on this blog.