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Do You Prefer Words?
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Grandson, Guitar Hero

One of my husband's grandsons is a budding musician with growing guitar skills. He wants a career in music and is working hard to build his repertoire. For his 16th birthday,

I made this card

I used a collection of stash items (mainly magazine and downloaded papers), a strip of black ribbon, onto which I stuck the letters for "Grandson". The figure 16 is easily made using word processing software - choose a font that looks good in outline format.

There is a theme going on with the cards for this particular grandson -

Here's last year's card

Play it again Ben!

One Stamped Card; Eight Magazines Only

I Got Stamping

The good news is it got me stamping, which I really wanted to concentrate upon this year; the bad news is the 8th edition was the final one!

I am writing about Get Stamping, a craft magazine from Practical Publishing International. It was Kim Dellow, one of the magazine's expert contributors, who first alerted me to this new issue in March 2013. So, just over a year onwards, and we've seen the last issue. 

This must be an economic decision for the magazine was a stylish and informative production, particularly for the beginner stamper.

Oh well, I have 8 sets of stamps, (as well as many more from other sources, of course) and lots of projects. I am continuing to learn the art of stamping from Kim's blog, as well as many others. I suspect I'll always be a novice but I am enjoying my cardmaking much more now.

Issue 7 included this gorgeous oriental flower and greeting. Kim's feature looked at ways to use the stamps for blue & white 'willow designs'.

One of my friends loves the cream, red & black combination that I used for her birthday card. I used Kim's techniques for a simple card that says more than first meets the eye - 'I've made this for you because I know you'll like the design and colours'.

Thanks Kim!

I often make my own printed inserts, using word processing and various image sources. The photograph on the right was taken at an oblique angle - believe me, I did print the insert straight!

Time for the Girls

Way Past Time...

I've lacked time, attention and focus of late - real life has usurped my virtual duties. Tut tut, but it happens to us all. Even with a smartphone, there's only so much updating and writing that can be done while enjoying the company of visitors. 

Card for a Little Girl

A client wanted a card for her one-year old granddaughter and this was the result of my designing. 

I used readymade items from my stash. apart from the figure one. Look closely, and you will see the Papermania outline stamp was filled in with various embellishment "sparkly stones and pearls". Pretty, don't you think?

I also suspended a single stamped and coloured candle on an acetate strip. By achieving visual movement on the card, I aimed to give the baby girl plenty to see without handling her card that, I am sure, will be a keepsake in the family.

Card for an Older Girl

This time another client wanted a card for her seventy-year old mother. The brief was "pretty and floral". I knew I had the right thing on Jak Heath's compilation CDrom. 

Her Flippin' Men & Women Series combines gentle humour with tasteful design that is a little bit different. 

Not stamping, I know, (Getting Stamping) and I will increasingly offer coloured-by-me images as my repertoire grows. Slowly, it is doing so which is a neat bridge to...

Stamp the Lady

 For this set of cards, I used the iconic Kanban stamp of a stylish lady (sadly, no longer available unless you are lucky enough to find one in stock somewhere). Note: Kanban now trade as Aspire Crafts.

I stamped the image in Memento Ink Rich Cocoa, onto cream cardstock. The matting and embellishments were kept deliberately simple - I wanted the lady to take centre stage. As indeed she does, very well...