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One Stamped Card; Eight Magazines Only

I Got Stamping

The good news is it got me stamping, which I really wanted to concentrate upon this year; the bad news is the 8th edition was the final one!

I am writing about Get Stamping, a craft magazine from Practical Publishing International. It was Kim Dellow, one of the magazine's expert contributors, who first alerted me to this new issue in March 2013. So, just over a year onwards, and we've seen the last issue. 

This must be an economic decision for the magazine was a stylish and informative production, particularly for the beginner stamper.

Oh well, I have 8 sets of stamps, (as well as many more from other sources, of course) and lots of projects. I am continuing to learn the art of stamping from Kim's blog, as well as many others. I suspect I'll always be a novice but I am enjoying my cardmaking much more now.

Issue 7 included this gorgeous oriental flower and greeting. Kim's feature looked at ways to use the stamps for blue & white 'willow designs'.

One of my friends loves the cream, red & black combination that I used for her birthday card. I used Kim's techniques for a simple card that says more than first meets the eye - 'I've made this for you because I know you'll like the design and colours'.

Thanks Kim!

I often make my own printed inserts, using word processing and various image sources. The photograph on the right was taken at an oblique angle - believe me, I did print the insert straight!