Do You Prefer Words?

Do You Prefer Words?
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Behind...and Ahead

Yes, you read that right; I am behind with my papercraft blogging but beautifully ahead with my #2015yearofcrochet (as shared on Instagram).

Let's Round Off the Cardmaking News

At the beginning of January, I promised to show you a fifth Christmas card. It is small but was made and given to my husband with a huge heart - both his and mine.

 I can claim no design credit as this was a Little Claire Club Project using their Little Snowman stamp release.
It was fun to make but can you spot my deliberate mistake (not)? Yes, I should have stamped the snowman row up the other way on the tag that was to be inserted in the right-hand flap. As it was, the tag went in upside down giving the poor snowmen a headache.

There were secret messages written on each tag and, NO, I am not going to tell you what they were. However, the sentiment on the reverse of the card comes from the stamp set that I shall use again next Christmas by designing my own cards.

Being 60

I have one birthday card to reveal, made at the start of the year in which many of my contemporaries share a significant birthday. Oh to be sixteen again!

Using another Little Claire stamp set (Good Times), I created a man's card for a good friend. The technique of stamping the bottles twice and then covering the middle over, with the pocket watch, gives the impression of one long line of bottles. Of course, no one would get through that many at once...


I've always been a knitter - here's my latest make, for a baby due soon to a colleague in my husband's office. I have knitted many such ponchos over the years, starting with my own teaching colleagues' babies, then my own, followed by nieces. nephews and then friends' grandchildren, not yet my own... The pattern produces a garment that sees a child through at least its first year. It is so handy that, if I could bottle the usefulness, I'd make parenthood amazingly easy...

UPDATE: Baby Annabel Lucy arrive on March 17th, safely and happily to parents who could not wait to meet her.

And Now It's Crochet

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I've made so far...