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Do You Prefer Words?
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Collaring Crochet

My Second Crochet Ta-Da Moment! 

This clever "Chunky Neck Wrap" sits inside the collar of your coat. It is cosy and very warm because it is made from pure wool (Rowan Big Wool, in Pantomime shade, from Love Knitting).
made using a pattern from
by Alison McNicol

I slightly adapted the finish of the item by folding a section over and then I secured it with a row of stitching using the same wool (like top stitching in sewing). By adding a hidden press stud (popper) with a decorative button - as suggested by Alison in her pattern - the wrap becomes a complete garment.

Other Crochet Plans

I am about to have surgery twice, about six weeks apart. So crochet will be my recovery pastime of choice. I've amassed a credible amount of gorgeous yarn to make new cushion covers for the lounge. We have a rather green room - seating and curtains AND rugs) so injecting some bright shades will make a difference. That they will be handmade covers will make even more impact - as long as they don't look shabby. My main challenge - apart from hooking, following a pattern and getting to the end - will be sewing in the ends without creating unnecessary bulk - any tips?

The book, Crochet (DorlingKindersley), I'll be using is so inviting, I'm reading it whenever I can!