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Do You Prefer Words?
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Cards & Crochet

So, Ms SDCrafts, what have you for us today?

I have cards...

Permit me first to apologise for the following images. Sometimes being unwell affects every area of life, including, it seems, my photography. 

Nevertheless, this is a set of cards for men in which I experimented with ink backgrounds.

Seasoned crafters (that's not the same as 'old') will recognise these stamped images that have crossed over from wooden blocks to clear stamps. They are still listed at Art Stamps at Personal Impressions and have helped me out many-a-time.

For this project, I wanted to take a sheet of white silk card and make my own piece of artwork. It took shaving brushes and Ranger Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Pads to get me there. For the stamped images, I used toning Tsukineko Memento Ink Pads.
Despite the poor images, I hope you can see how much love and fun went into these cards. I am now convinced there's no cardmaking like inky, painty or sticky art!

This is possibly my most-used male-themed stamp. I have it as both large wooden block and much smaller clear stamp (used here). However, I am mindful that not all men drink and that, for some, bad memories lie at the bottom of a glass. So I make sure I know my target well.

I have crochet...

My followers on Instagram (private account - just ask) know that I have a new yarn lover. I can't tell you what joy there is in achieving a long-held ambition to crochet. I am chronicling my journey as #2015yearofcrochet so please join in.

Following on from the collar here, and the Kindle cover there, I'm now an official granny. Not in the familial/birthright sense, just the going around in hooky squares way.

I used a textured baby wool (Woolcraft Sweet Dream DK) for the white rounds and a fab self-striping yarn (James Brett Baby Marble DK) for the coloured rounds that look planned but are entirely random.

Flushed with the success of this post-operative recuperation project, I am now setting myself up for the next bout of boredom-busting yarn hooking.

For Christmas, son #2 gave me this book. It is gorgeous and includes many how-to, tips, facts and designs from contemporary crochet designers, such as Tracey Todhunter at Granny Cool.

There's a magic cupboard in my craft room (according to Mr SDC) where an ever-increasing yarn stash is growing. Every ball, even the liddle-iddy-bits, is destined for a planned project.

Like many online crafters, I am enjoying crochet in the same way I loved knitting before the superhighway connected us all. Before we took photos of everything we made. Before we could go to yarn stores online.

Remember when you 'laid balls of yarn by' at your local shop? I'd be up and down there as the child benefit came in, fuelling an addiction that clothed my sons and kept me sane.

To your right, see the planning stage for the cushion covers that will be made using the book.

All these yarns came from, an outlet I can recommend with no payback. However, for you there are great discounts to be found. Plus, your yarn will be placed in these scrummy chiffon bags. Little touches that mean alot...

I'll tell you about my selections and the patterns used once the project is well underway - it all comes together neatly, in the end.